Multimodal shipping services

Our main specialty

International shipping (both export and import into Russia) and multimodal freight-forwarding in particular is our major activity.

Our company carries out the international shipments (on a door-to-door basis also) of all types of cargoes including small parcels or heavy industry logistics.

Our international shipping services fully comply with international legislation, laws of the destination and origin states, as well as the Russian laws.

Our main advantages

We have extensive experience of international freight moves with most of the major carriers, as well as widespread network of agents all around the world and therefore can offer a broad variety of services and guarantee high quality service.

If you become our client and entitle us to handle your shipments, you can be pretty confident the your delivery problems will be treated by us as our personal, and we will approach them in an individual and professional manner.

Yes, we have a backlog of standard transport decisions well-tested by time, but nevertheless we try to foresee all the tiny hitches that can arise at a certain stage of international shipment. We work out the route carefully and chose the best available option (solely for the benefit of the client) and in case of emergency we always come up with some alternative decision off the beaten track.

Our company is open, open for Dialog (the name speaks for itself), and we are always ready to discuss matters professionally. You are always welcome to address us and get the all-encompassing information on all the matters related to international shipping. You will always be well-informed of the things that are essential for carriage and of the location of your cargo while it progresses to its destination point.

We realize it quite well that our clients’ business depends on timely deliveries, and therefore the observation of delivery time is one of our golden rules. We also realize that it is the combination of good rates and service quality that is the main criteria when choosing us as service provider, that is why we recommend you to contact one of our offices, in order to check the level of service and get a quotation.

Finally, our other big advantage that gives us edge on our competitors is our branch in Canada. This allows us to be a leading international forwarder for serial industrial shipments from North America to the Russian Federation. Having set up a branch in Canada, we effect speedy deliveries of equipment, spares, chemicals and other industrial supplies for industrial and agricultural enterprises, at the same time carefully observing all the legal issues. When one signs a forwarding contract with us, he gets full and complete service from a single entity for all stages of industrial shipping, thus greatly limiting the business risks.

We mean by ‘multimodal freight-forwarding’ the following:

  1. Transportation by all modes of transport and transit handling of cargoes when the mode of transport is changed;
  2. Conducting all sorts of shipping, cargo, legal, in-bond paperwork that is essential for international shipping (multimodal FIATA bills of lading, export declarations, CMR bills, TIR documents, in-bond guarantees and etc.);
  3. Customs clearance. It is not a secret to anyone, that when the cargo crosses the border of the Russian Federation, the customs legislation and law practices may carry a lot of hidden stumbling blocks for the cargo. Our company employs highly-qualified customs expert professionals with extensive local customs clearance experience and that is why we highly recommend to order this service from us, in order to avoid the annoying incidents and delays on the way of the cargo.
  4. Warehousing. This includes consolidation and de-consolidation services, marking, loading and unloading procedures, open-air and heated warehouse storage.
  5. Cargo insurance. Risk is just a part of our life and international shipping is not an exception. Of course we always try to minimize the risks, but unfortunately sometimes they materialize. In order to avoid financial losses we suggest that the cargo should be insured and we can offer reliable insurance with the leading Russian insurance companies.
  6. Additional services. When the shipment is under way, one may need additional (extra) services, like survey reporting, guarding, certification services, local delivery and alike. Such services can be offered by us either at the time of quotation or in the course of order fulfillment.