Customs services

Understanding that imported cargo must clear customs, dealing with customs formalities has been an integral part of the services in offered by Dialog Freight International since 1993. We perform customs clearance for any cargo regardless of the mode of transport. We process over 20 shipments a day though Russian customs.

As members of the Russian Federation Customs Brokers Institute since 1996, we are licensed to carry out customs services. Our registration certificate is № 004876 0011/00 dated 29 september, 2010.

As well, our company is member of the Russian National Customs Brokers Association.

For 5 years already our company has been working on introduction of electronic data interchange with customs, and a great number of our clients are enjoying easy export and import electronic declarations via our offices.

Along with our ability to offer Customs Brokerage services under the Russian Federation Customs Code, we are ready to provide all of the services connected to export and import such as providing advice about foreign trade activities, analyzing foreign trade contracts and the preparation of commercial documents, assistance in getting certificates of conformity, sanitary certificates, and classification decisions of customs authority on all levels.

Taking into account the specifics of our main clients’ cargoes (the energy, construction, oil service companies), we have set up and successfully launched a new Document Centre department, that prepares documents for equipment customs clearance. The department comprises highly-qualified translators, engineers, certification experts. The main target of the Centre is to coordinate work between the client, our company offices, customs experts at the customs posts and to facilitate the preparation and receipt of the necessary papers: technical descriptions, certificates, Chamber of Commerce conclusions, Ministry of Defense approvals, classification decisions by customs and so on, so that by the time when the cargo arrives at the border everything is in place for fast and smooth customs clearance. The work that is done by the Document Centre saves time and money of our clients.

By using a professional approach to customs clearing and cargo transport, by overseeing the accuracy of required documents in the country of origin, we obtain optimal results while maintaining a strict respect of laws regulating foreign trade activities in Russia.