Container Transport Services

Containerized cargo transport is the locomotive of foreign trade. Last year the growth in container transport world wide remained at about 5% although the Russian market has more than doubled. It is no wonder that container cargo is a major component in DFI’s transportation activities. The coordination of container shipments may look simple at first however in order to provide a high level of service, an extensive knowledge the industry and years of experience are required.

We are proud to say the DFI have mastered this service. DFI possess all of the necessary information and a great experience in shipping all kinds of containers:

  • standard 20’ and 40’ containers;
  • open-tops containers;
  • tanks — containers;
  • flat racks containers;
  • shipper owned containers.

Understanding how to layout and brace various cargo in containers, having good knowledge of international conventions regarding container shipping as well as using the latest types of containers and processing technologies combined with having agreements and partnership with container carriers, leasing companies, manufacturers and containers dealers, we are ready to offer a wide variety of quality services related to container. With shipper owned containers we can utilize our DFIU label indicating that they are DFI property which helps to expedite delivery to destination in Russia.