Project cargo

Project cargo

Transporting oversized and overweight project cargo can be complicated and involve a lot of logistics planning. There are dozens of factors that need to be taken into account such as:

  • carrying capacity of the vehicles that are employed,
  • ground pressure by the loaded vehicle,
  • maximum allowed sizes of the vehicle with cargo on it,
  • maximum allowed deck pressure of the ship,
  • cranes and loading machinery that is available at transit points and many others
DFI has gained a great deal of experience in transporting project cargo and has access to constantly changing information about the transport infrastructure; it is this experience and knowledge that allows DFI to offer you the safest and most suitable solutions to your project cargo anytime at a reasonable price, no matter how complicated the route is.


The DFI Group is capable of handle freight for any industry including oil and gas, mining, construction, and agriculture; however we would like to highlight those industries where we have the greatest strengths.

Oil and Gas

It is no secret that much of the equipment used in the oil and gas industry is made in Northern America, especially in the Texas and Alberta, Canada. Our company has the people and structure in place to deliver freight of all kinds from these points, we are ready to provide daily freight forwarding service for large equipment moves as well as parts shipments anywhere they are needed world wide. We have a broad client base with a wide range of freight and customs requirements. When you choose DFI to handle your cargo, whether it is your oil rig chisels, mobile and stationary oilrigs, well frack fleets, pump installations, geophysical vibrators or chemical substances used oil production, you can be sure that they are in trustworthy hands.

Building Equipment

A real building boom has occurred over the last few years in Russia and the CIS countries. Modern building techniques are almost impossible without using the most up to date technologies and that is why the flow of building equipment is increasing.

Our company provides shipping and customs formalities for a wide range of construction equipment like asphalt and concrete layers, crushers, excavators, loaders, and derricks. What is common with cargo of this type is that most of it is not shipped by volume measurement but by weight, this requires the use of a special rolling stock at origin and destination and because of this these projects tend to be expensive. We have establish detailed processes with our employees on how to handle cargo of this nature, this allows us to ensure their delivery on time and without damages, thus satisfy our customers and avoid conflicts with insurance companies.

Chemical Industry

By supplying one the largest chemical enterprise in Russia during last five years, we have proven our ability to provide steady deliveries of raw material. Providing this kind of services depends on keeping shipping charges low and respecting terms of delivery. We handle cargo of this nature, hazardous and non-hazardous, from Canada, Korea, Germany, Austria, USA, India and other countries.